My style

My approach is best defined as quirky and storytelling documentary photography. It means that I won’t be asking much of you at all; just relax, be yourselves and enjoy the day. In return I will capture real honest moments, so that you remember everything exactly as it was.

Gay couple tender look engagement photography
Same sex couple documentary wedding photography

I combine natural documentary photography with quirky and creative portraits so that you can get a great mix of pictures which reflect your relationship and tells your story. I will capture your unique personalities, genuine emotions and all other priceless moments that are so easily forgotten. While I make sure I’m in the right place to catch all the moving and unexpected moments for you to enjoy for years to come, I never get in the way of the action. At times you and your guests won’t be even aware you’re being photographed allowing your day to flow naturally.

 My creative style is soft, relaxed and natural. My laidback approach coaxes even the shyest of introverts out of their shell, creating romantic and nostalgic documentary style wedding photography. I focus on capturing the honesty of emotions in front of me.

I often shoot intimate weddings but all of my shoots focus on people and genuine displays of love – weddings with a soul, not just for show. My couples are often creative souls themselves, often preferring to do things in a non-traditional way, celebrating their wedding in a way which is meaningful and packed with personal touches. They choose me because they want their wedding captured in a way that feels like them, by someone who can quietly and gently record their day.

My approach is simple, pared back and honest. Never contrived, never trying to be something that isn’t really there, the images I create are a truthful account of the romance, magic and wonder that unfolds in front of my camera. 

My aim is to never, ever lose a moment in the rush of the day. My creative eye and intuition collide to capture the most beautiful photographs that create that warm, cosy feeling, heaped with emotion, that makes your heart swell (and will make your mum cry). It’s never about the biggest venue, the most expensive cake or any of the trappings that go with a flashy wedding: my couples celebrate their love honestly and simply in a way that suits them. My job is to tell the story of the day you got married.

Ready to learn more?

If it feels like we'd be a good fit, please drop me a line through my contact page, I’d love to get together over a drink (mine’s a G&T) and learn about your special day.

We are absolutely thrilled with our photos. They’re striking, extremely vivid and full of emotion. Daria was very discreet at the service and directed people in a way that made everyone feel at ease for the few posed photos. When you hire Daria, you can throw away all of your anxieties about photos – they’ll be brilliant
— Olga & Mikhail