Gorky Park Winter Couple Photoshoot - Dasha & Vova

This Christmas and New Year holidays I have spent with my family in Moscow, Russia. It was lovely to go back and enjoy the festive celebrations with the close ones.

The city looked modern, beautiful and much more tourist-friendly than I've ever remembered it with all the recent improvements and developments for the World Cup later this year. I couldn't help but use this opportunity to arrange a couple of photoshoots around the city to capture the gorgeous Muscovites with stunning Moscow as a backdrop.  

Here are the results of one of my photosessions with a lovely couple Dasha and Vova at the iconic Gorky Park. Luckily, it was arranged just before a warm spell hit Moscow that melted literally all the snow, so it has a lovely wintery feel to it. 

I caught Dasha and Vova just before their snowboarding trip. The guys are super active and we initially planned a photoshoot at the ice rink (as they are both also keen ice skaters). However, due to its unexpected closure, we ended up just exploring vast Gorky Park. Moscow is a very eclectic city with ornate medieval architecture mixed up with grande Soviet buildings and modern constructions, and though Dasha and Vova in their cute bobble hats were undoubtedly the centre of the photosession, you could still get a feel of the city through these photographs. 

And now, without any further ado, please enjoy the documentary record of our winter photowalk with these stunning two. And if afterwards you feel inspired and also want to have beautiful and natural photographs of you and your other half, please feel free to contact me to arrange your photosession.