Cycling couples photography project - Daniela & Seamus

I am really excited to introduce the first part of my personal project "Ride together stay together" about couples who cycle. Being an avid cyclist myself, it is a unique opportunity to combine my two passions cycling and photographing relationships.

Cycling has been consistently on the rise in the recent years in the UK, so it is natural that there are more and more couples who meet through cycling. Through the series of the interviews we will explore how cycling influence relationships and what the challenging and fun bits about cycling together are.

I hope it will be interesting for the cycling lot as well as the ones who don't cycle as who doesn't like a good love story?

My first couple featured on the blog is Daniela from Sicily and Seamus from Ireland, who bought a bike shop Wildside Cycles together this year after having their first baby Alessandro. Daniela has been cycling since 2012, while Seamus has been racing in Ireland since he was 14. And here is their story:

How did you meet?

We met in Richmond Park cycling and Seamus added me on Facebook and we started chatting and then dating.

How did you get into cycling? 

Daniela: I started road cycling thanks to Sky rides although I've always had a bike and my father had a big passion for it.

Seamus: I got into cycling as a way to escape the farm and the oppressive family life. Cycling allowed me to travel to Mallorca and see Europe when back then the only aspiration you could have was working on the farm.

What do you like about cycling overall and specifically about cycling together? 

Daniela: Freedom and escaping the every day routine and duties.

Seamus: I love racing as you feel a great sense of achievement and it clears the head.
I love cycling with Daniela as otherwise we barely see each other as we are too busy with our bike shop. 

What do you find challenging about being both into cycling? And about cycling together? 

Nothing, it's actually great, especially for holidays and we have the same idea of how to spend our free time, so it's easy.

Daniela: I can also steal his Assos clothes, which is great.

Your most memorable cycling experience together and why?

Daniela: First holiday cycling in Calpe, Spain, as we had just got together and I really liked being a part of Seamus's life, meeting his Irish friends and I loved how funny they were and all the crazy banter.

Seamus: the first ride together from Richmond to Kingston when Daniela tried to impress me & drop me. She was riding like a rocket. 

What impact has cycling had on your relationship?

Daniela: It's the backbone of our relationship. I would be too bored to be with a coach potato.

Seamus: It's our daily bread as we also work in cycling. And we worked together in a bike shop in London before buying the shop in Tunbridge Wells. It's great to have a partner who understands when you disappear for the whole weekend racing.

Any advice for couples who are only starting cycling together?

Daniela: Cycling holidays in Mallorca. So romantic!

Seamus: If one of the two partners is faster, be patient. Your partner will be very grateful and it's a great time for consolidating the relationship.

What about non-cycling couples? Would you recommend them to take up cycling and why?

Daniela: Definitely! It's very good for the soul. All the adventures and conquering a tough climb together makes for a great sense of closeness. It's a glue for the relationship.

Seamus: I recommend to take up cycling, so you can propose to your future wife on the top of an iconic mountain. Just make sure she doesn’t think you stopped because you have a flat tyre, like my wife did.